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Monthly Archives: July 2021


3 Reasons Why Long-Term Planning Is Crucial

By Brian S. Karpe |

You have a nest egg saved for retirement, a ROTH IRA, a 401K, a pension, and a will. So you are done planning for your long-term health and financial future, right? Wrong. While saving for retirement starting in your twenties and thirties is critical, and drawing social security can help, long term planning is… Read More »

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Understanding The Difference Between Irrevocable And Revocable Trusts In Connecticut

By Brian S. Karpe |

Estate planning is not just for the elderly. While it is crucial to give thought to your long-term planning needs, it is also important to think about your financial needs and your family’s needs as well. Do you have young children for whom you need to provide after you pass on? Do you have… Read More »

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