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9 Factors to Consider When Determining Where to Retire


After a long life of hopefully fulfilling work, it is time to retire and live the rest of your days enjoying time off with the ones you love doing the things you enjoy the most. Many times, we are anchored to a specific location, usually because of work or family. In retirement, though, there may be more flexibility. As a result, one may have the unique opportunity to choose a different location to enjoy those idyllic golden years.

Choosing the right place may be based on experience traveling to a specific location. Or, it may be investigating a place that one has never been before but always dreamt about. No matter where one decides to retire, it is important to conduct a bit of due diligence before making a life-changing move. And such attention to research and planning does not have to be tedious but rather a fun and exciting part of the journey.

Our Canton estate planning attorney at The Law Office of Brian S. Karpe reviews some of the most important things to consider when deciding where to retire.

Essential Things to Think About When Looking for the Best Place to Retire 

The good news when planning a move in retirement is that if it doesn’t work out, you likely can move to another location. Nothing has to be permanent. However, no one really wants the hassle of moving a bunch of times. To choose the right retirement location, the following considerations could be helpful in making the perfect decision.


Do you like all four seasons, or do you prefer warmer weather most months out of the year? Maybe cooler weather?


What are the things that you want to do when you retire, and what location is ideal to accommodate these activities?

Access to Services and Conveniences

How far are you willing to be from various services and conveniences? Would you prefer to be able to walk to get where you want to go over using a car, public transportation, or other mode of travel?


Will you be traveling often and in need of a location that is easily accessible to an airport or train station? Will you need these services for friends or family that would like to come out to you?

Loved Ones

How far are you willing to relocate away from family and friends?


This is usually a top consideration when anyone is moving. How safe is the area you are moving to? Would the location be a concern for your well-being?


Are politics important to you? If so, you may want to consider the political environment of a location so you can think about your ability to be comfortable and enjoy those around you who may have a much different viewpoint.

Natural Disasters

What is your threshold for natural disasters that may be a reality at a particular location?

Cost of Living

Usually, retirement means living on some type of budget. It is critical to make sure that the place you go is affordable for you.

Speak to a Connecticut Conservatorship Attorney Today 

Part of retiring where you want is proactive planning before retirement comes. Thoughtful and strategic estate planning can help you ensure that your golden years are just that, golden.

For help with estate planning, please call our Connecticut estate planning attorney at The Law Office of Brian S. Karpe at 860-217-1458 today.

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