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Category Archives: Conservatorship


Connecticut Conservatorships

By Brian S. Karpe |

Connecticut law allows for both voluntary and involuntary conservatorships. A conservator is someone appointed by a court to manage the personal or financial decisions on behalf of an adult who lacks the capacity to handle their own affairs. In the case of a voluntary conservatorship, a person who recognizes their own incapacity or inability… Read More »

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Is A Connecticut Conservatorship Right For Your Elderly Loved One?

By Brian S. Karpe |

Conservatorships have surfaced in popular media as of late, but much confusion about mechanism and differences between conservatorships and guardianships remain. Not all states recognize conservatorships and rules can vary drastically between states. In Connecticut, conservatorships serve the unique purpose of providing care for an elderly loved one when they are no longer able… Read More »

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