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Considerations For Parents Of Children With Special Needs


If you are a parent of a special needs child, the challenges you face helping them grow and mature are unique. There is much more to consider on a daily basis when a child needs extra support with everyday life and activities. While 18 is regarded as a legal adult, that does not mean that a person who turns 18 years of age and has special needs can just go off on their own to live independently. This poses serious questions and considerations for parents.

Caring for a child with special needs does not typically end when they become legal adults. For many families, advanced planning and forward-thinking about the needs of the child in the future are necessary. If your child is receiving government benefits, careful planning must be done in order to have those benefits continue.  A child receiving funds or an inheritance may disqualify them for government benefits unless precise planning is done.  If you have questions about what legal protections you need in place for your child in the event that you are not around or no longer able to provide care, then speaking with an estate planning attorney can be advantageous to safeguard your loved one.

In Connecticut, the Canton estate planning attorneys at The Law Office of Brian S. Karpe can help you iron out the details of setting your child up for future success when you are no longer able to take care of them.

Top Things to Think About for Parents of Children with Special Needs

As a parent, you want to see your children grow, progress, and flourish on their own, and you want to know they will be ok when you are gone. But, for a child with special needs, ensuring that your child is taken care of comes with many additional considerations other parents might not have to worry about. It is important to start planning for the future early because when an emergency happens, then it may be too late to get everything in order.

Parents who have special needs children will have specific concerns to ponder and work out. Some of the most crucial include

The Competency of the Child

Is your child mentally savvy and acute enough to make difficult life decisions on their own? Decisions related to finances and health are some of the most complicated and impactful on a person’s life. It is essential to make sound decisions in these areas, and if you believe that your child will need help, there are ways to account for this.

Government Benefits

If your child receives government benefits or may be entitled to them, planning on strategically managing assets to ensure that those benefits are not jeopardized is critical. Putting together a special needs trust is just one way to address this.

Independent Living

If your child lives with you, they may need different arrangements in the future. Exploring what housing options exist and can work for your child in advance can help you reserve your spot in line and firm up your top choices.


The school system can support your child through age 21, so do not feel rushed when the 18th birthday comes around if your child still needs more assistance.

Speak to a Connecticut Estate Planning Attorney Today

There is a lot to think about when you have a child with special needs, but the good news is that you may be able to customize your estate plan to account for everything. For help, please call the Canton estate planning lawyer at The Law Office of Brian S. Karpe today to schedule a free consultation at 860-217-1458.



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