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Common Car Accident Injuries


When a car accident occurs, the first thing that people usually see is the damage to the vehicles involved. Car crashes can also cause damages to the occupants of the vehicles.

Depending on the impact, a person can suffer a wide range of injuries of varying severity. The force involved can cause your body to twist and bend in ways it should not be able to. This can lead to long-term injuries, disabilities, and more.

Any part of your body can be injured in a car crash, Here are some of the most common injuries you should be aware of.


If you walked away from your car accident with just bruises, consider yourself lucky. Bruises are some of the most minor injuries you can get. They may occur when your body bumps into something, such as a door or steering wheel. Sometimes seat belts may cause bruises. Bruises are rarely serious and usually go away within a few days.


When people think of car accident injuries, whiplash often comes to mind. Whiplash is when your neck or head jerks back and forth due to the impact of the crash. It is most common in rear-end accidents, but can happen in any type of car crash. Whiplash strains the muscles and ligaments, causing significant pain.

Neck and Back Injuries

A car accident can cause neck and back injuries besides whiplash. A person may experience herniated or ruptured discs in their spine. These can cause a lot of pain and even limit mobility. These injuries can take months to heal and may even require physical therapy.

Broken Bones

A crash can push you around inside your car, causing bones to break. Broken ribs are common, as are broken arms and legs. Broken bones do heal over time, although a bone that is broken in several places can create complications. You may need hardware to help keep the bones in place. You may also experience a lot of pain and mobility issues.


The impact of a car accident can cause you to hit your head on parts of your car. This can lead to a concussion, which can cause memory issues. It can also cause problems with focus and concentration. Getting prompt treatment can help you regain full function of your brain.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Don’t overlook emotional trauma. After a major car accident, a person may develop PTSD. They may experience anxiety and depression so severe that they become scared of driving. They may have nightmares and flashbacks of the accident. They may also experience sleeping problems. Get treatment right away so you can get your life back to normal.

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Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. Any part of the body can be injured, and some accidents cause more severe injuries than others.

Make sure you receive compensation for all your injuries. A Canton personal injury lawyer from The Law Office of Brian S. Karpe can provide the compassionate and determined legal representation you need. Send us an email or call 860-217-1458 to schedule a free consultation.



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