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Canton Estate Planning & Probate Lawyer > Blog > Workers Compensation > Can A Seasonal Worker Obtain Workers’ Compensation In Connecticut?

Can A Seasonal Worker Obtain Workers’ Compensation In Connecticut?


During the summer time, when school kids are home or around the holidays when extra temporary help is needed, seasonal workers come in handy. Seasonal workers give businesses that see an uptick in their sales an extra hand, but only for a short period of time. A seasonal worker can be an invaluable asset to a business’s regular team. But, seasonal workers, just like regular employees, can get hurt while in the course of doing their job.

If you were wondering how workers’ compensation in Connecticut would work concerning seasonal workers, this is a good question. For questions like this and more, you can rely on the seasoned legal counsel and advice of the Canton workers’ compensation attorney, Brian S. Karpe.

Seasonal Workers and Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Connecticut

Workers’ compensation insurance coverage benefits both the employer who carries it and the employees who may be injured on the job and need it. For the employer, having the coverage may not only satisfy state requirements for business owners, but if one of their workers is injured while at work, the injured worker can turn to the insurance coverage for help with their damages. This can protect an employer from having an employee sue them directly for the total amount of damages they are owed.

Employees benefit from having their employer have workers’ compensation coverage because an employee can get the medical treatment they need for their injuries without delay. An injured worker can go to see a medical provider, and they can have their medical costs taken care of. In some cases, workers’ compensation coverage will also pay for a portion of missed wages that an employee may lose due to being unable to work while injured. By contrast, getting a settlement from a personal injury claim could take much longer, and the burden is on the plaintiff to establish fault.

Seasonal workers are protected under the same workers’ compensation rules in Connecticut as other workers. This means they have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim if they suffer physical bodily harm while on the job.

In some cases, seasonal workers have the highest risk of being injured at work because they may not have sufficient training for the job they are doing and also lack adequate experience. These workers have to come in for a short period of time and be productive, so they are often moved along through orientation quickly so they can get on the job fast and meet the demand. If you were injured as a seasonal worker, it is imperative that you protect yourself and that you obtain the full amount of workers’ compensation that you are owed.

Speak to a Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

It is easy to be unsure about your rights as a seasonal worker because you are only employed for a limited, short period. However, in the state of Connecticut, if you are hurt while working, you may be able to obtain a workers’ compensation settlement from your employer.

You are welcome to have your situation examined by a Connecticut workers’ compensation lawyer at the Law Office of Brian S. Karpe after a workplace injury. Please call today at 860-217-1458 to schedule your free consultation.



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